The Godfrey Windmill

Chatham 300 Historic Site Plaque



The Godfrey Windmill
Chase Park
Shadduck Lane
Chatham, MA
A plaque located on Shattuck Place at the back of Chase Park tells the story of the Godfrey Windmill's history.

Plaque Content:

This wind powered grist mill was built in 1797 by Colonel Benjamin Godfrey on a hill by his home on Stage Harbor Road overlooking the Mill Pond, where it served the growing needs of Chatham residents for corn meal, a staple among early settlers. The Godfrey Windmill is an eight-sided smock type, wind powered grist mill with four sails.

Ownership and Use of the Windmill:
  • 1797: Built and operated by Colonel Benjamin Godfrey
  • 1819: Owned and operated by Christopher Taylor
  • 1850: Cogged wooden wheel and double flanges replaced by iron
  • 1869: Purchased by Oliver Eldridge
  • 1874: Owned and operated by Zenas Nickerson
  • 1908: Owned by Charles Hardy
  • 1939: Purchased by Stuart Crocker
  • 1956: Stuart Crocker donated the Mill to the town and it was moved to its present location
  • 1978: Accepted by The Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service for listing in the National Register of Historic Places